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The Fashion Model Directory (FMD) is the most comprehensive and authoritative source of professional fashion information, which operates several online databases of information about professional models, brands, designers, modeling agencies, magazines and editorials.
The goal is to catalog every important detail about professional female fashion models, from their stats, which fashion shows they walked in, what covers they appeared on, the ads, fashion editorials and campaigns they have done, to which agencies they are represented by and this all accompanied by a huge selection of photographs.
That precise accuracy has made the other fashion databases with thousands of magazines, editorials, designers, brands and labels, modeling agencies as well as thousands of biographies, a useful instrument for the entire fashion industry, to help them improve their creative decisions.
Over the past decades our work has been cited and referenced by numerous international magazines, newspapers, fashion portals and has been featured on several TV shows and TV channels.
In 2013, the FMD database on 2.5M content pages includes profiles of over 12,000 professional fashion models, 1,500 fashion designers, 3,000 brands and 5,000 related works such as fashion shows and catalogues, lookbooks and ads, 1,800 modeling agencies, 3,000 magazines, 13,000 credited editorials as well as almost 30,000 fully credited covers, with hundreds of daily database updates and exclusive fashion news.

Since its establishment in 1998, the photographs database has grown to one of the largest fashion archives on the web, with over 1.2M credited photographs. Our mission is to have a fully credited, professional and non-commercial repository of photographic masterpieces.
Lead by team of fashion experts and professionals, FMD is an international venture that has a leading role in the IFDAQ.com (NGO) , the fashion industry's first professional benchmark .


Reaching over 1.8 million readers per month (network reach 500M), FMD is a worldwide known brand and turned into an influential fashion publication, which is not only a popular platform within the industry and fashion creatives, but also a daily stop for umpteen of fashion lovers.

  • Monthly Audience: 1,893,110
  • Women: 1,003,348 (53%)
  • Subscribers: 42,381
  • Age 16-25: 39%
  • Age 25-49: 45%
  • English Speakers 52%
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*as of January 2013

#1 search result for fashion models, fashion model and top10 search result for thousands of top models, agencies, magazines, brands and designers.

As an outstanding and influential industry resource, FMD has been an useful tool for numerous agents, models, editors, designers, brands, photographers and decision makers in the past, and is constantly developing and extending its features and functions to simplify research and development with its over 2M content pages.
Apart from several partnerships, FMD has grown to one of the most reliable and accurate information source for worldwide media and has been featured on countless TV shows and channels around the world, including Good Morning America (ABC) and TG1 (RaiUno).

FMD's top partners, cooperations and references include

  • Wikipedia
  • IMDB
  • NY Times
  • Daily Mail
  • The Sun
  • NY Post
  • SI
  • Class Editori
  • Evolve Media
  • Tribalfusion
  • Glam Media
  • a.m.o!

FMD's top advertisers include

  • H&M
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  • Nestle
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